Kowloon K

Jazz Pop / 2019
Member list:

Vocal - Charlie Chan
Guitar/ Backing Vocal - Justin
Bass Guitar - Ho
Keyboard - 水金
Drums - David

Kowloon K 成立於2019年,本身是一隊無名字的樂隊,但卻因為一次偶然的演出機會需要改名,絞盡腦汁後便決定取廣東話近音「求其」作名,意即隨意、即興。

Kowloon K 的創作內容主要以歡樂氣氛將現實中的種種抑鬱分解,如黑色幽默般為悲傷填上彩色。同時,將Jazz,Funk和多樣樂器的即興元素,揉合於流行曲旋律創作,不斷地實驗廣東歌的新可能性。

When Kowloon K needed a name unexpectedly in 2019, they decided to base it on the Cantonese phrase meaning “whatever”. Unhindered by the boundaries of music genres, they constantly reimagine the possibilities of Cantopop in a unique and refreshing manner. Kowloon K delves into sombre themes, akin to the art of Black Humour in transforming the abyss with colour, while fusing Jazz, Funk, and Improvisational elements into lyrical songwriting.

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富幽默感的樂隊名字,Kowloon K的音樂來得隨心所欲但卻絕不「求其」。陽光燦爛的女主唱,演繹出他們美好的city-pop/jazz-funk/sophisti-pop歌曲,勾勒出大都會的色彩繽紛光景,即使是憂傷的題材也能帶給大家治癒的作用。


完結一日的辛勞,慵懶地打開電視,咦,明天就世界末日嗎?Kowloon K的〈明天世界或到末日〉跟你一起以最真誠磊落的自己,笑一笑,面對一切跌宕。

‘明天世界或到末日’ in “EUM001 - ups and downs”
Kowloon K @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Kowloon K @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKUST

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