Durian And Friends

Funk Fusion Instrumental
Member list:

Guitar - KK
Bass Guitar - MK
Keyboard - Terry
Drums - Ben



從Durian And Friends名字解釋,Durian(榴槤)仍為水果中的果王。雖然我們也很愛這「果王」,但世界上仍有很多不同種類的生果供我們嘗試。亦可以解作為,除了我們最喜愛的Dorian調式外,也有其他音樂風格(And Friends)的音樂待我們發掘。


We are a Fusion instrumental band from Hong Kong.

The idea of our name came from one of the mode scale “Dorian” (which can always be found in Funk and Fusion music). The word “Durian” spells almost the same as “Dorian”, so we decide to take “Durian” as a word play. No matter the audience are fans of “Durian” or “Dorian”, we still want to share our musical concept with them.

Durian is known as the “king of fruits”, but there are also a lot of tasty fruits out there waiting for us to try them out. Which is the same idea as we have our most used scale “Dorian”, but we won’t stop developing different kind of music genre (and friends).
We wish that we could become a bridge to connect audience to different kind of music style. Although there’s neither vocals nor lyrics in our songs, people can still enjoy the interaction between instruments. And find the purity of music.

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別誤會,Durian And Friends不是一位叫Durian的音樂人跟友好樂手所組成的樂隊。Durian取名自泛用於funk和fusion的樂理調式Dorian,而他們也是開宗明義的fusion器樂樂團;And Friends之意就是除了Dorian調式外還有其他音樂風格有待他們發掘。

Durian And Friends @Ear Up Showcase 2021
Durian And Friends @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKUST

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