ZELOS 從小喜歡音樂,大專時參加了不少音樂比賽。自此發現,他喜歡於人前表演及與他人分享音樂,便開始寫歌。一開始與歌手Gladys組成音樂組合,製作音樂,並在香港大小場合演出。他目前是一位健身教練,陽光健碩的外表與他的創作是兩種極端。他寫的歌都偏向內斂,一顆敏感的靈魂,與他外放陽光的運動生活,糅合出一種屬於他自己的風格。他希望世界多一點愛,而音樂令人生活快樂一點。

ZELOS starts his music journey since he was 20. He joined a lot of singing competitions in the university, but he never won. At one point he realised that he wanted to share music instead of competing. That was when he began to write his own songs. He was first partnering with Gladys Li, in a duet music group called ‘geez’. They started performing and producing music together for 3 years. He is an emotional sunny man who lives in great contrast. His fit-muscular appearance does not match his sensitive soul reflected in his music, but combines into one unique style. His passion is to share love through music to more people.

單看ZELOS這個名字,也許你會以為是一支搖滾樂團。其實ZELOS即是外表陽光健碩的唱作歌手黃凱逸Zelos Wong,曾組成二人音樂組合geez的他,近年積極發表個人原創歌曲。〈You are not here anymore (lite version)〉叫人深刻的,不獨是身為健身教練的他在mv裡流麗的Animal Flow鍛練演出,而是在他陰柔內斂的嗓音下,帶來了這首幽美得吹彈可破的縈繞心頭歌曲。近作廣東歌〈巴勒比 Barnaby〉對他的已故伴侶繆斯的思念與讚美,憂傷但又陽光美麗。

ZELOS @Ear Up Music Festival 2021
ZELOS @Ear Up Showcase 2020
ZELOS @Ear Up School Tour 2020

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