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要怎樣言簡意賅回答「你們玩甚麼類型的音樂?」這個問題,the prototyke lab至今仍然未能參透。

the prototyke lab 的成員來自截然不同的背景,在幾個樂種的交叉點探索屬於他們的語言。

prototype: an early sample or model built to test aa concept or process tyke: a mischievous small child (or an unpleasant or coarse man) the prototyke lab excels at dodging the question ‘What kind of music do you play?

Æ The lab techs’ diverse backgrounds and influences allow them to experiment with a genre-bending musical dialect.

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the prototyke lab @Ear Up Music Festival 2019

the prototyke lab Introduction (2018)

the prototyke lab @Ear Up Music Festival 2018

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