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Vocal - Cyrill

Bass Guitar - Dani

Drums - Tin

SAGAS 的音樂類型以Pop Rock 為主,歌曲中亦有加入Synthesiser和Acoustic的元素!主要成員由Cyrill、Dani、Tin在2014年尾組成。


Formed in November 2014, SAGAS acquires music elements of Pop, Rock, Acoustic and Synthesiser mainly created by two musicians who has been busking around in Australia, plus a student of visual arts. All our songs come from a word, a story, and feeling at the moment.

We express our feelings with our song writings and performances all straight from heart! We try to play the simplest music that is arranged with influential melody to connect with the audience.

We would like to share our stories, feelings and experiences, hoping to bring some loves, hopes and powers to the world! SAGAS’s original songs have been published on different platforms, including YouTube, iTunes , Apple Music, Spotify, KKBOX, JOOX... and more since 2015.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

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