R&B, hip-hop, Funk-pop / 2020
Member List:

Vocal/ Rapper - Michael N.
Vocal - Himsonz
Guitar - Shroom
Keyboard - Watergold
Bass Guitar - Jerry
Drums - Po

Ragpickers(拾荒客)是一支由六位香港City boy組成的樂隊,涉獵廣泛的音樂風格,從擅長的R&B和hip-hop,再延伸至Disco Funk和Pop Rock 等等。歌曲由兩位主唱引領,訴說著生於此城所面臨的故事和憂鬱,配合獨特的音樂編排,創造出迷人而放鬆的氛圍,帶領聽眾暫時逃離複雜的現實,踏上一段迷幻之旅。

In 2014, Michael and Himsonz started as a duo group and won couples of inter-university singing competitions. After deciding to take their music to the next level, Ragpickers was then formed in 2020 by adding Keyboardist (Watergold), Guitarist (ShroomNg), Bassist (Jerry) and Drummer (Po) to the current line up.

Ragpicker’s music is a mixture of r&b, hip hop and Cantopop. They hope their unique style of music could give local audiences something refreshing and a new form of cantopop to the world.

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