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Production/ Keyboard - Dominic Au & Pion Leung





Polypumpkins is a Hong Kong-based duo band that focuses on electronic music. Recent works consist of Synthwave and Chillout music. With the distinct musical backgrounds and diverse experiences across different fields, their works reveal flavours from their lives.

Dominic loves electronic music, to which his career is also related. He is now a synthesiser designer. He is keen on classic synthesisers, but also pays close attention to music technology. With such background, sound design and stories behind instruments play huge roles in his creations.

Pion touched the keys for the first time when she was 7. Later on, she retrieved her recognition in classical piano training and music education, which then kick-started her mission on spreading the love of music, and the pursuit of unique creation.

Polypumpkins’ works diffuse rich electronic flavour with heavily synthesised sounds. Their music targets to bring audiences on a special journey with ups and downs, without a fixed boundary of genres.

「Synth聲奪人」——這是Polypumpkins給予我的第一個深刻印象;看到兩位成員Dominic和Pion在台上掛上keytar合成器作現場演出,已甚有synth band的隊型。二人電音組合Polypumpkins,當中既有人是電子合成器設計師、亦有人從少接受古典鋼琴培訓,他們既熱衷追崇經典電子合成器、也專注當今的音樂科技。Polypumpkins的電子音樂領域,就是沒有制定固有的音樂類型框框下,讓聽眾去經歷他們的電音旅程起伏。無論是驚濤駭浪而來的搶耳synthwave之聲,抑或耐人尋味的電影配樂感,都是Polypumpkins所涉及的多重電音世界。高質的聲音設計也是Polypumpkins的重要一環。

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