Esther Wu

Art rock , Cinematic pop, Progressive pop / 2022

Esther Wu 是香港獨立創作歌手、作曲人及聲音藝術創作者。她的作品包括電影/電視劇配樂,樂器寫作與電子音樂、跨媒體(影像、場景設計、交互式媒體)、聲音裝置以及即興表演。 她熱愛探索不同類型音樂的邊界及各種媒介。她的目標是通過各種媒體及其邊界的多功能性,進一步探索她的創作手法及藝術的表達。

Esther Wu 希望創作和她一樣隨著時間的流逝而改變的音樂。她的歌曲深受 90 年代電子樂、前衛搖滾和金屬的影響。學術背景也給她帶來了影響,尤其是古典和爵士樂方面。


Esther Wu  is an independent singer-songwriter, music composer, sound artist based in Hong Kong. Her works included film scoring for movies/ TV series, electro-acoustic music, instrumental writings, cross-media (audiovisual, scenography, interactive media), sound installations and free improvisation. She loves to explore boundaries between musical genres and other media. She aims to further explore her compositional crafts and speak through the versatility of different media and its boundaries. 

Esther Wu aims to create music that transforms with her as time goes by. Her songs are by far influenced by 90s Electronica, progressive rock and metal. The academic background also brings influences on her especially on Classical and Jazz aspects. 

“I think descriptions from my friends would be more accurate compared to how I describe my own character. I also never understand how people are so confidently describing themselves/their musical styles in a few words since their music represents themselves, and how could one's character be one dimensional? I can fake it confidently, but deep down I never have a clear idea. To me it’s the biggest blindspot of myself, that’s why I love making music because it works as a mirror.  It helps me to have a better image of myself.  I don't know who I am without music.”

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Film/TV/theater scoring (for additional music):
《出租家人》(coming up)

Sound Art:
“The Other” (2022) single-person sound installation, Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht, NL
https://gaudeamusscreendive.com/mock-ups/esther/index.html (audio)

“Collective Loner” (2020-2022) single-person audio-interactive installation, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam, NL

Vocalist at “Collaboratory workshop” (2022), IRCAM Mani-Feste, Paris, FR
Collaboratory Paris : concert de l’atelier d’improvisation / Concert ManiFeste-2022

“Collage in Discord” (2022) audio-visual work, Gaudeamus: Club Fluxus, Utrecht, NL
`Collage in Discord` (2020) by Esther Wu, performed by Michela Amici Trio

“Static Ferment II” (2020) audio-visual work, SOUNDFROM 2020 (premiere), Hong Kong,
Thailand New Music and Art Symposium 2021 (exhibit), Bangkok, TH

“THE WILD PONY”(2020), Zoom performance - cross-disciplinary collaboration with scenographer, actors, and electronic music, streaming from DE, NL and HK simultaneously

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