陳浩(EC)是一名香港音樂人,一直嘗試將一些較chill的音樂,例如Bossa-Nova、R&B等元素改編流行曲。除了在商場表演外,還在不同平台擔任音樂節目主持及歌手,更有一個屬於自己VOOV音樂節目《U仔Busking》及與人合作的channel《SingE.D. 唱𠵱啲》,亦在內地電視歌唱節目 《粵語好聲音2019》取得港澳區殿軍。翻唱以外,也有發表原創歌曲,風格主要圍繞舊曲新詞、R&B名及加入Bossa-nova 的Pop。

Hello, I'm Chan Ho (EC), a musician from Hong Kong. I recall when I was in middle/high school, I joined a singing contest by chance that sparked my interest to music. It’s not just about the unparalleled joy music brings me, but also its contagious power...

Around 2015, I cofounded the Busking band ‘Chillax. music’ with my fellow musician friends, as the main vocalist and cajon player. We began busking at Austin station, the Central Pier and Star Ferry Pier, etc. Over the period, we resembled a sponge that was continuously absorbing music of various genres, whilst integrating some ‘chiller’ components namely ‘Bossa-Nova’ and ‘R&B’ into rearranged Cantonpop songs. These engagements have great influence on my subsequent preference in music.

From 2017 onwards, I started performing in different malls and markets and better yet, hosting and singing on livestreaming platforms. We have our own VOOV music channel ‘U仔 Busking’ and a collaboration Youtube channel ‘singE.D. 唱𠵱啲’. On top of covering songs, we made attempts to post original music that centres around rewriting lyrics, R&B, Bossa-nova pop and pop, along with others.

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