Lo-Fi Beat, Hiphop Beat, Pop, Electronic / 2017
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Vocal/ Composer - Bighead 大頭
Arrangement/ Producer + arranger - INK
Lyrics - 陳嘉朗

BEAT FRIDAY開始於2017年5月12日,由INK以音樂週記方式於網上發表新作品,記錄每星期身邊發生的喜怒哀樂,音樂遊走於不同風格,遊走於hiphop、electro、trap、house等電子音樂之中,當中經常出現各式的經曲音樂聲音採樣,亦代表了BEAT FRIDAY的其中一種為人認識的風格。

BEAT FRIDAY每年推出一張專輯,選出一年間最喜歡的作品,並於2020年開始,每月一次將每個星期五的作品,於各音樂平台上架。亦為不同的單位製作單曲及remix,合作單位包括Elly C、Eli、Serrini等。

BEAT FRIDAY每年選擇不同地點進行週年音樂會,以音樂和影像配合不同場地的特色,為每一年經歷過的作一個總結。同時為不同地方,例如cafe及店舖,定製適合該空間的專有歌單。

BEAT FRIDAY由2021開始加入新成員(大頭及陳嘉朗),推出了單曲〈人間喜劇〉、〈謎〉、〈見紅〉。

BEAT FRIDAY is a music label, releasing new music on every Friday. It is started by INK as his music journal on May 2017. The songs in the collection have been selected in different playlists in shopping malls and restaurants. In 2018, BEAT FRIDAY music has been featured in commercial videos and music playlists for bars and restaurants. In the first anniversary Beat Friday has its first mini live show and was invited by cafe and exhibitions for performances and music sharing sessions.

BEAT FRIDAY releases yearly album monthly EP and produces for different artists, such as Serrini, Elly C, Eli.

BEAT FRIDAY hosts the anniversary show at different venues. With music and visual, the shows bring new atmosphere to the space and create unique experiences to the audiences. BEAT FRIDAY creates customized music playlists for different venues and events.

Starting from 2021, BEAT FRIDAY releases cantonese singles ‘人間喜劇’, ‘謎’, ‘見紅’ with the new members, 大頭 and 陳嘉朗.

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本是電音製作人INK化身的個人project,現在BEAT FRIDAY蛻變成為他跟大頭及陳嘉朗構成的組合形式,重新樹立其廣東歌路線,以及INK和大頭站出來的現場演出,2021年是BEAT FRIDAY的一個新里程碑。他們的downtempo電音廣東歌,營造出迷魂淒美而沉溺的氛圍,仿如撲朔的都市夜風景。

BEAT FRIDAY @Ear Up Showcase 2021
BEAT FRIDAY @Ear Up School Showcase 2021 / HKUST

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